Drawing Ideas

Create characters through sculptures

By building frames, learning the human body’s structure , and expressing character through fashion design and face painting, students not only understand the simple structure of the human body , but also create sculptures by using multiple medias. It’s a wonderful way to help kids put imagination to a reality figure. Materials: Metal , Plaster …

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The first self-portrait exercises

Our self-portrait drawings help student understand people’s faces and heads as well as their facial features. Our lessons in this section focus on the proportions of the head, eyes, nose, mouth. Also the difficulties you encounter in personality drawing. Here are some of works from drawing lessons.  

The stories in the art

Kids’ imaginations are full of stories. With the right media, instructions, and technique support, you will be surprised by their drawings and their imagination. It connects both part – learning and fun!   Here is some of the art from the drawing lessons.  

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