My Name is Bo Zhao , as a graphic designer and illustrator, I always try to find an outlet for creativity, whether it be on plain paper or on the computer. After graduating from the Nanjing University of the Arts with a BFA in Decoration Arts Design, I have continued to peruse my goals as a graphic artist with an eye for innovation and perfection. In the past 20 years, my job has been focus on arts project creation, Such as Sculptures and Murals Design, Environment Design, Photography and Drawing. Also currently I am a graphic designer, specialized in the fields of corporate identity design, web design, print design and mobile UI design.

The Cre8tive Fun arts and Crafts studio Start from 2012, is more focus on kids creation and drawing and craft abilities build up.We don’t let kids feel boring just by painting and drawing, There’s a lot classes included with sculptures building, mural creation and design function.

Cre8tive Fun create imaginative works using professional quality art materials. Kids get to work in a variety of mediums, Such as Watercolor Acrylic, oil pastel, Clay, Metal, Stone and so on…..
kids also take inspiration from the works of famous artists. Learning a same topic work with different way and creating same topic art with different methods.


Some of my works in the past

Sculptures and Murals

lacquer mural1the wind of arts



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Environment Designs

wuxi chonggan Tample

wuxi chonggan Tample 3

wuxi chonggan Tample 2

new dongfang commercial square 3

new dongfang commercial square 2

nanjng publish corporation 2


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Graphic Design


haltonhill cover

poster for donation4p


More Art works and Designs >>


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